For the last 10 years we have been exporting to numerous countries thanks
to our participation to the MICAM fair.

Between the fairs we manufacture new models for additional orders
according to our customers’ needs.


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The company owns a shoe factory in Athens, Greece
since 1985

dfc hand made shoes greece dfc relax

Our brands include DFC RELAX, DFC Elegant Comfort, RELAX Anatomic & MYTHOLOGY

We produce all-day leather anatomic shoes of high-quality materials for women at any age. The leathers get a special tanning in our factory. Thanks to this processing, our shoes are extra comfortable, giving away a feeling of soothing softness.

Today’s women need a comfortable pair of shoes that can be worn during all morning’s activities up to the night out!

We strive towards manufacturing casual, comfortable yet elegant looking shoes to match the different activities and occasions throughout the day.

Our factory is specialized in several designs and constructing techniques. We produce closed shoes, low-cut boots, sandals and wooden clogs.

Nowadays the factory produces aprx. 400-500 pairs per day and employs 35 specialized shoe craftsmen.

dfc relax anatomic shoes hand made in greece natural leather

Our production is eco-friendly, since we use only clear materials that promote the protection of the environment and of our employees

The company is certified with an ISO 9001 and owns a patent diploma for assembling the upper part of the shoe with sole stitching. The leathers of the uppers & linings are produced in Italy & in Greece in highly experienced and specialized tanneries.



Why choose our products

REAL LEATHER UPPER with natural breathing & softness. ❷ REAL LEATHER INSIDE SOLE with natural breathing,sweat absorption & soft feeling for the foot. ❸ ARCH SUPPORT with shaped special latex. ❹ REAL LEATHER LINING with natural breathing, sweat absorption & soft feeling for the foot. ❺ FLEXIBLE AEROSOLE for relaxing & comfortable walking. ❻ LATEX for energy absorption of weight & flexibility. ❼ SPECIAL CLOTH for energy absorption of weight & flexibility. ❽ AIR HOLES for cushioning the unevenness of the ground.

Our design department is equipped with the latest 3D design software that offers the possibility of 3D virtual reality presentation and printing of any new models. This software controls the production procedures with CAD-CAM systems.

The experience of our craftsmen and the proper use of high-end technology give out the perfect final pair of shoes of impeccable quality.

Many of our closed shoes & low-cut boots are produced with the “stitching & turn” technique. This construction technique involves the stitching of the upper part of the shoe with the shoe soles without any hard insole materials.

The shoes are spacious and manufactured according to the standardized sizing of every country.



& CO

18, Damvergi Str 121 31 Peristeri
Athens - Greece

+30 210 577 8871

+30 6944 435 504



Presales & aftersales services are an integral part of our business.
Apart from the high quality of our products, we take great pride of our timely delivery.

We guarantee a perfect partnership with high quality shoes and excellent services.